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Terms and conditions:

You must not extract any parts of the content on our website without our express written consent.  In particular, you may not utilise any data mining tools, or similar data gathering and extraction software to extract for re-utilisation of our website, without our written consent.  You may not create or publish your own database that features any parts of our website (e.g. our prices and product listings) without our express written consent, all vehicles images are for display purposes only.

How secure is your site?

All transactions made through our website are 100% secure and are processed through PayPal, either with Credit or Debit Card - or via your PayPal account. With PayPal you are guaranteed your payment is safe and secure on all credit card and PayPal transactions, you are also covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection money back guarantee


Should any disc fail within 90 days we will ship you a new disc free of charge.

Euro exchange rate:

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The Euro currency price is updated every 24 hours – this site operates in British Pounds (GBP) and cannot be liable for any slight fluctuations in the conversion rates that are applied by PayPal when you purchase in Euro's.


We have never known a system to fail an upgrade or damage any unit using one of these disks. However, if you do upgrade your Sat Nav Unit you do so at your own risk. We offer no warranty, liability, Responsibility or offer compensation should anything go wrong.


This site is not sponsored - endorsed or affiliated with any vendor listed on our website.



For DVD systems: make sure your car and model is shown and the car is not less than the year stated in the product description or greater – Tip eject your current MAP this will reveal what MAP you have.

No DVD Disc:

Please do not purchase.

For HARD Drive Systems:

Please make sure your system was not replaced i.e. from another vehicle (Donor) as the VIN number is tied with the original vehicle so it will be impossible to upgrade the map without the Donor vehicle VIN number.

Not sure if you have a Donor Sat Nav? Please do not purchase as we have to pay for the genuine activation code so we are not able to give refunds.